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“After creating the Million Dollar Traders documentary I am often contacted by students who want to work with me in my Hedge Fund. If only they followed some of the strategies that Simon Dixon outlines in this book, they would stand a much better chance”

– Lex van Dam
– Hedge Fund Manager and author of ‘How To Make Money Trading’

“An invaluable guide to making it big in banking and finance. Written specifically for the new generation graduate trying to make sense of the post credit crunch economy, it takes a truly original approach to careers advice. Rather than churning out the same old platitudes it gives a step by step guide to success based on genuine insider insights”

– Mike Harris
– Founding CEO of three multi billion pound business including the first internet bank, Egg, and the first telephone bank, First Direct.

“Having spent a year with the biggest Chicago pit traders and seen first hand how careers have been destroyed or super-charged due to changes in how to climb to the top in trading, those who have survived the changes have adapted using some of the strategies that Simon Dixon outlines in this book. I would love to give a copy of this book to all the traders that I know who have experienced less fortune. A great guide to both the psychology and strategy of the most successful in banking and finance and a must read for any ambitious student”

– James Allen Smith
– Director of the movie ‘Floored’ based on the true stories of Chicago floor traders.

“Having built a successful career in trading, I wish that I had been handed this book when I was a student, my path to success would have been cut in half. Simon shows you step by step how to make it in banking and finance the entrepreneurial way and build a brand, rather than a job. This will save you years.”

– Tom Hougaard
– World famous trader and founder of ‘Which Way Today’ as seen on Bloomberg, CNN and BBC.

“A step by step guide for students to accelerate their way to the inner circle in banking and finance. Simon shares how he has gone from student to Key Person of Influence in Banking and Finance and how you can do the same starting now”

– Daniel Priestley
– Author of Become A Key Person Of Influence.

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