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30 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Randall Sawyer

    As a follow up to my previous comment, I would like to distill my understanding to its essence:

    The outstanding requirement in order to liberate the money system from debt-based fiat to reserve-based commonwealth is to shift our hearts and minds from “implied consent” to “informed consent”.

    This can only happen when a critical number of us individuals can accept that every last system of control derives its authority from the act of belief by the people – each one of us.

    In a culture saturated with messages that “You don’t measure up.”, that “You are lacking.”, that “You must compete in OUR (the messengers’) system.”, that “Buying the right consumer goods or voting for the right party will deliver you into ever-elusive happiness”, I am deliberately spreading this message instead:

    You are whole. You are a necessary part of Creation; you complete Creation. You are wholely Loveable just as you are. Your unique gifts are invaluable. Your connection to Source is inalienable.

    I will not withhold this message from anyone, no matter how horrifying his/her behavior; for I know that all behavior is the result of what a person believes s/he is.

    Randall Sawyer

  2. Randall Sawyer

    Hello, Simon Dixon!
    I have been putting myself through an intensive period of research on “What exactly is money?” – culminating, through a friend’s tip, in the discovery of your proposal for money reformation.
    I get it. You inspire me by your example. My passion has been for the equivalent in education reform – to free up the relationship between professionals and aspirants, bypassing centralized academic authorities, as you would have us bypass central banks. As to people’s resistance to change, I would like to share this link:
    Being neuro-atypical, I have had the experience of extreme frustration of not understanding how others accept inconsistent systems of belief. The above link didn’t help me to understand myself so much as it did to understand others’ limitations.
    Thank You!
    Randall Sawyer

  3. Dear Simon,
    I am an advisor to Stephen Zarlenga and the American Monetary Institute. You know about the NEED Act introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I have just watched some of your presentations, including the one hour one, and find you and I are on the same wave length with one exception. I think that. after we make the Fed part of the U.S. Treasury and eliminate fractional reserve banking (it has to happen sometime, hopefully now), both fiscal and monetary policy can and should be under the control of the Congress and the President AND the Congress and the President must be held responsible for any unwanted inflation or deflation. The American citizens must be constantly reminded of this and realize that they will be, democratically, in control and, if they don’t like what the present Congress and President do, vote them out.
    I realize you believe, and I understand why, that money creation cannot be allowed to be done by either the private banks or by the politicians, but by a central bank committed to the general welfare of the country. Where to we find those people who we would give such tremendous power? I would prefer to try a real government of the people, by the people and for the people first.
    I hope you find time to respond.
    Dick Distelhorst
    rddistel [at] mchsi [dot] com

  4. AJ

    You may want to use my MUSIC video entitled ‘making money – consensus’ on youtube. It explains the existing monetary process through song.
    Please use it how you see fit. If you would like a hard copy msg me through youtube you’ve already added me as a friend.

  5. Chris

    Hi Simon, My name is Chris from the great state of Utah. I
    really enjoyed the video you have posted on your home page. I can
    say I agree with just about everything you said. I am still on the
    fence though about a government run fiat money system. while I
    agree it would be loads better than what we have now I can’t help
    but think the government still won’t stop from making more money
    than is needed. Especially if it still holds the monopoly of being
    the only source for new money. I would be ok with a debt free
    government controlled fiat monetary system only if you could still
    allow for competing currencies. I just wanted to get your thoughts
    on that. Specifically because my state is preparing to push forward
    a bill that would allow my state to create our own hard money
    currency using gold, silver and copper as it’s monetary base. It
    would usable only in the state for commerce. But would be
    completely exchangeable in dollars. We would in effect be able to
    deposit silver and gold into state chartered banks and credit
    unions and spend notes redeemable in specie. I think this is a
    miraculous thing as it would allow my state to in a sense shield
    it’s self and its people, and provide the infrastructure for an
    alternative money system for when the dollar finally collapses.
    What are your thoughts on this? I will be including an article on
    this for you to look at.
    Thank you for your time, Chris Lovato

  6. Under full reserve banking it is just like your personal finance.

    If you have mobbed you can lend it.

    If you don’t have money you can borrow it.

    If you want to be an entrepreneur you can borrow money, lend it and repay your loan in the future.

    If you don’t have money and don’t want to borrow there is nothing you can do but figure out how to get more money.

    But if you lend money that does not exist, it is fraud and you face the consequences of getting caught and going to prison.

    This is how every person and company works and it makes sense.

    Why should a bank be different?

    There should be one exception to this rule and that should be the institution responsible for creating money. There goal should be to control inflation and deflation only and I believe that should not be a private bank but a institution acting for the public interest only.

    Mixing money creation and profit making loans is a disaster.

    Giving government control of printing money is a disaster.

    Banks should lend money that they persuade people to deposit with them.

    The government should decide how to spend the money supply through a democratic process.

    The institution in charge of con rolling inflation and deflation should determine the optimum money supply to control inflation and deflation. I think this should be the bank of England in the UK independent of the government.

    Money is given or taken to or from the government debt free to spend (The treasury in this case) as they wish subject to democracy.

    There is only one money supply and it is directly controlled rather than indirectly through the government.

    All money made from the privilege of making money is then used for the public rather than private profit and if the government wishes they can pay off their national debt in a way that does not cause a depression as it currently would.

    This makes sense. The current system will collapse. When?

    I don’t know.

    There is a Mosel on how to make the transition that I will not go into here.

    fraction reserve banking is a crazy system that nobody would think of apart from William Paterson when he constructed his business plan to create the Bank Of England and King William accepted out of desperation and the system has been exported across the world with serious consequences.

    money is not scarce, it is a human creation to facilitate trade.

    hope this helps.


    PS if this is filled with typos and mistakes it is because I am doing this from an iPad in a taxi. LOL.

  7. Paul

    Hi again,

    Another question. As far as I can see fractional reserve banking could operate well if debt-free money came from banking expenditure.

    Suppose on day 1 of the system the treasury creates $100 which is deposited in a bank. The bank in turn lends out $900 through 10% fractional reserve banking @10% interest such that $990 is owed back. As say, $500 is paid back to the bank there’s now $400 in circulation, $454 owed back to the bank but if the bank spends the $500 it just collected then there’s $900 in circulation again and only $454 owed back to the bank. Is this how it’s supposed to operate?

  8. Paul

    Hi Simon,

    Great work.
    I’ve been studying our financial system and the origins of money for the past year or so and have been amazed at what I’ve ‘discovered’ even though the evidence is all around us.

    Anyway I chat to people too and I try to offer a solution in the form of a sustainable economy based on permanent debt free money spent into circulation. But I come up short on how the banking system will work.

    As far as I can see banks with a 100% reserve ratio can’t do a thing with the money. As soon as they lend anything out at all they have less money in reserves than they owe their depositors.

    But let’s say under a new system they do lend money out which has the potential to become a deposit in another bank. Will the banking system have to distinguise between new deposits that come from permanent debt-free sources and deposits that come from loans. If not, I fear we’ll have fallen for a fractional reserve banking system again where a portion of our money is created as debt.

  9. Hi Simon

    Really enjoyed your presentation today.
    Didn’t get chance to speak to your colleague regarding connections to Universities – I actually help Post-Grad students with their Thesis, at Middlesex University – so have good link there.

    Let me know what you need from the University – and I will let you know if I can help hook you up.


  10. Simon Davies

    Hi Simon,
    Keep up the good work. Please have a look at my Dad’s website when you get some time (unless you already have done so) and encourage any students or other interested people to do the same. We hope to include it in Ben Dyson’s and associates call4reform campaign.
    Simon Davies

  11. Shanti raj

    Hi Simon,

    I recieved your email regarding the 5 videos, unfortunately I was having problems listening to it. I did check the microphone on my computer and that is ok. I am interested in listening to them. I did enyoy your seminar that I attended last year, I found it very motivating. So far I have read the 7 Effective Habits by Covey and enjoyed it. I have looked the Traders Home tutoring and have been studying the technical analysis. I have also attended the monthly 3 hr class with Kevin and have gained more knowledge eg the dollar gold and how they have an impact on the market. I did start doing paper trading and was surprise I did make some money app $3000 over two days. I felt good ad would like continue as I am intersted in trading. Is there a class this month becuase I have not recieved an email. Is there a possibilty of asking you about the market, your opinion.

  12. Shanti raj

    Hi Simon,

    I recieved your email regarding the 5 videos, unfortunately I was having problems listening to it. I did check the microphone in my computer and that is ok. I am interested in listening to them. I did enyoy your seminar that I attended last year, I found it very motivating. So far I have read the 7 Effective Habits by Covey and enjoyed it. I have looked the Traders Home tutoring and have been studying the technical analysis. I have also attended the monthly 3 hr class with Kevin and have gained more knowledge eg the dollar gold and how they have an impact on the market. I did start doing paper trading and was surprise I did make some money app $3000 over two days. I felt good ad would like continue as I am intersted in trading. Is there a class this month becuase I have not recieved an email. Is there a possibilty of asking you about the market, your opinion.

  13. Tom Poulter

    Dear Simon

    I attended your seminar last week on Banking and Finance and found it to be very informative and interesting, particularly your opinion on monetary reform. I am interested in pursuing a career in economics and was delighted to hear that you said that there were opportunities working on your projects. I was wondering if I could get any more information regarding these opportunities as I believe that I could really develop by working on your projects.

    I understand that you are a very busy person, but I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

    Tom Poulter

  14. Hi Shanti,

    glad to help. Here are my tips. Most people come to me when they want to become more profitable in trading and ask for new strategies and new techniques. I can give you strategies and techniques and mine are really simple. In fact I give you my strategy in the professional trader programme you bought. Yes you will need to know the technicals and we will expand on those when you come to the traders club. You must exercise the discipline of attending every month no matter what. Trading is all about ritual and discipline. Organise your life and plan ahead so you never miss it. This is the same as trading – it’s all discipline and ritual. Once you have the technical knowledge and have mastered ritual and discipline there are only two reasons why you don’t make money –

    Risk Managment and Psychology.

    In fact most people think it is strategy so stray to go into ever more complex strategies and boy do they get complex. This re inforcess the belief that if it is more difficult and they are smarter they will start to make money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Psychology is the key. You want to be the best trader I challenge you to do two things –

    1. Go to the Benedix career centre and purchase a book under recomended Reading for trading by Mark Douglas. Look up the title once you are there as I want you to find it rather than me telling you.

    2. Come to TIC and when I am there ask me about the 30 day strategy. Implement this and you are on your way to earning all the money you want trading.

    I’ll see you there.


  15. Shanti raj


    I attended your seminar in October and found it very motivatiing. I am finishing my degree in Business Finance soon and my keen interest is in trading. I have also registered the trading course which is being held once a month but was not able to attend the Oct and Nov class but will for Dec. I would like to improve my trading skills and wondered whether you have any advise on this. Thank you Shanti

  16. Girts

    Hi Simon,

    It seemed that I was more tired from concentrating and actively thinking during the workshop on Saturday than you after you the workshop on Saturday. I had a question but I left for this moment as there were too many people around you, which is good.
    My question: (Before you were married) What was your balance between your academic work/self-development/job seeking and outside interests?

    I really enjoyed the workshop and I am suggesting everyone to attend it, who wants to get into Finance and Banking

    Many Thanks

  17. Mira

    Hi Simon,

    my intention is to promote monetary reform in my country (Slovakia). Now I am preparing a website in slovak language with most information from Your website, from Ben Dyson, Joseph Huber and from the book Creating new money.

    I really like the video lesson that You have on Your homepage and would like to use it on my website – with slovak subtitles. I would like to kindly ask You, if it is ok, if You agree.

    Thanks a lot.

    Mira, Slovakia

  18. Hey,

    influence (and please don’t get this confused with manipulation as ethics is the highest value of a true imfluencer) is a skill everybody must master to move forward. Nothing moves unless somebody influences first. I suggest studying the great influencers like Ghandi and Mother Teresa. The best thing for you though and your career is I have a section dedicated to influence in banking and finance during the city professional workshop. My advise woyld be to take advantage of your subsidy and attend one of the two remaining workshops in London. I will guide you on this subject step by step.

    For you to fulfil your life mission, one must master communication. Keep that mission alive.


  19. Girts

    Dear Simon,

    I was yesterday in your work shop at the University of Glasgow. You mentioned that very useful skill is the influencing skill. Business department is providing courses the Art of Influence, vut I have missed the opportunity to do it. I was wondering could you suggest any sources (literature or books etc) that could develop such a skill.

    Many Thanks

  20. Siva

    Hi Simon,

    I attended your workshop at Napier university today. It was a really nice presentation and gave a different insight into the banking and finance industry. I really liked the different categories of employers and I have never personally come across such differentiation of banking and finance companies. I am keen to attend other events soon.

    Thanks for sharing important information.


  21. Hi,

    thanks for your comments. Although it would be ideal to go straight to stocks. We cannot be to fussy when opportunity knocks. Beijing is broking and any broking experience will do the world of good in progressing your career. You should do your SII exams on the side to develop your financial market knowledge and in land or FX broking take every advantage to develop your sales and persuasion skills.

    Good luck

  22. Letrois Bernard

    Hi Simon,

    I recently attended the Banking and Finance workshop that was held in UCL on 5th September 2009 and was really pleased that I went. The insight you gave me into the Banking and Finance world has done me the world of good in knowing exactly what I want to do within the industry which is be a successful Stockbroker. I have started to apply for Trainee Broker positions but just wanted to ask whether getting a position within FX sales or Land/Investment Broking is a positive step forward as there are many of these positions avaliable.

    I have not come from a finance background but am graduating in October 2009 with a degree in English Literature so I know that hard work has to be done and am seeking a way to get my foot in the door. If you could get to me that would be a great help.

    With Thanks

    Letrois Bernard

  23. Hi Simon
    I look forward to your views on “Simpol” as a means for people to use their votes in a new way to drive Monetary Reform (and other global policies)as part of an international solution to global problems.

  24. This is a must read book that laid the foundation for work on the solution to the financial crisis. I met with James recently and recommend that all read his book. The last two years I have been working very closely with a friend of mine Ben Dyson (See who has used this work to put together a solution to the crisis. I am fully in favour of this solution and would like to thank both James Robertson and Ben Dyson for their work in furthering monetary reform.

  25. Have you read “Monetary Reform – Making it Happen!”, by James Robertson and John Bunzl?

  26. Shyam

    Hi Simon,

    I have finished the Protrader and the Interviews programme. I found it very informative and inspirational. I have managed to secure an summer internship with Barclays Capital as a trader. Thank You for the informative seminars.

    Kind Regards,


  27. Matthew Rutter

    Dear Simon,

    I have just finished the Protrader seminars, they were incredibly informative and exceptionally well delivered. You have certainly kick started my interest in trading!! See you at the next Traders and Investors club.

  28. Pham, Minh Hoang

    Dear Simon,

    Would like to thank you for your presentation at LondonMet this evening. Much appreciate.

    Best regards,


  29. Simon Dixon

    You can contact a career consultant at Benedix on 0207 490 5179 and they will give you a comprehensive list of financial institutions to look at. Glad you enjoyed the workshop.

    Good Luck

  30. Mr Jay Patel


    I am a second year student at Kingston and recently attended your presentation on the banking crises. In the presentation you emphasised that experiance in the financial sector is vital to stand a chance of securing a job in this economic condition. You stated that it is best to apply for mid-range firms. I would very much appreciate if you could give me some breif examples of such mid-range firms as im not quite sure what firms would fall into this category.

    Thank you, look forward to hearing from you.

    p.s. your presentation was very informative and SUPERB!

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