Ever since the financial system collapsed in 2007, the call for alternatives has grown louder. Bitcoin itself can be seen as such an alternative. Simon Dixon’s search for a way to put capitalism on a sounder financial footing began before Bitcoin with a focus on equity crowdfunding. Since then he has built Bank to the Future into an innovative crowdfunding business that takes an aggressive contrarian stance. He has also launched an investment fund focused on cryptocurrencies together with Max Keiser called Bitcoin Capital.

He joined us for a fascinating discussion about the flaws of the banking system, Bitcoin and the search for alternatives.

Topics covered included:

Why capitalism is built on a broken banking system
The problems Bitcoin solves

The flawed ways banks approach blockchain technology

How Bank to the Future is a contrarian bet on the financial system

Bitcoin Capital, the fund he started with Max Keiser
How Bitcoin Capital and BnkToTheFuture work together

Note:Our sponsor Vaultoro is raising an equity crowdfunding round on Bank to the Future. Read about the details and invest here.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Bitcoin Capital Tranche 2
‘Bank to the Future’ Book on Amazon
Bitcoin Capital on the Keiser Report
Simon Dixon TEDx Talk
Money Creation in the Modern Economy
Naked Capitalism

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