TEDx – Simon Dixon ‘Changing The Rules Of Banking’

It was a great honor to present at TEDx last weekend. I have been a TED fan for years and have always believed that the message about banking is an idea worth spreading through TED. But now we need your support in order to get tis message on the big TED stage where people like…

97% owned Simon Dixon

97% Owned – New documentary on money and banking

Enjoyed being a part of the team interviewed for 97% owned.

Here is a sneak peak trailer and will post the full documentary of 97% owned once it is out.

The creation of money and who controls it will be the big debate in the next ten years.

Simon Dixon
Capitalism Is The Crisis

Capitalism Is The Crisis Simon Dixon Reviews

So I was recently invited onto Press TV to review a documentary called ‘Capitalism is the crisis’. It blames us business people for all problems in the world – from austerity to student debt to riots to bankers bonuses and everything in between. Now if the documentary was called ‘banking is the crisis’ or ‘corporatism…

Sir Fred Goodwin

Sir Fred Goodwin become simply Fred Goodwin

While Fred Goodwin seems to be the focus of many today with the stripping of his knighthood, it is very easy to single out somebody to blame for the mess we are in today, but a quick look at reality and he just happened to be CEO of a bank at a time when whoever…

2012 Winners And Losers

2012 Winners And Losers – Will You Still Be Playing in 2017?

So it’s become a bit of a tradition for me now. Every New Years Day I pull out the financial charts and make some forecasts. (What a geek I know, it has been since my days trading for an investment bank). So in true New Years tradition this morning I pulled out the charts to…

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Businesses Getting Ready For Collapse Of The Euro

OK, while the documentary ‘the secret’ has some value, positive thinking alone will get you in a bit of trouble right now. I prefer – expect the best, but prepare for the worst and take massive action, don’t try and rely on the universe fixing everything for you right now. Just in case you have…

George Osborne Has Got Some Money

George Osborne Has Got Some Money For Small Business

Just got back from presenting at a European Banking Reform Conference in Prague and woke up to some interesting headlines… In my YouTube video ‘The Great Depression of 2013‘, I said that following the forecasted credit rating downgrades and further quantitative easing comes change in regulations to patch up the broken ponzi scheme we call…

Future Vision Of Banking

You are crazy, a liar and a scammer

When I told the world years ago that banking was unsustainable and due a collapse because of banks ability to create money, I was often called a conspiracy theorist. When I told economists that their theories are built upon a misunderstanding of money, I was outcasted by academics. When I told students that most will…

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Can Hackers Really Delete the NYSE

Last week I wrote a blog during the Occupy Wall Street campaign about a YouTube video posted on a channel called TheAnnonMessage in which a computer-generated voice tells viewers that “on October 10, NYSE shall be erased from the Internet” in an operation dubbed ‘Invade Wall Street’. To update you, a statement was later posted…

Future of Facebook

The Future Of Facebook In Finance

I did a whole chapter on how money will evolve into social media platforms in the future. Thought I would share this interesting take with you here as it features a few of my friends… Facebook ad revenue is growing fast, but its currency system, called “Credits,” is growing even faster. Facebook will collect revenue…