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New Poll Shows People Are More Interested In Curry Than Banking Reform

The people think that Online Curries is more important than BankingReform. If you disagree, I need your vote here today, as the contest is about to end: Many have asked me about my new venture Bank To The Future, our mission is to create a social bank that operates of full reserves to create…

Should Banks Create Money

Shocking Admission From Parliament I Cannot Justify Banks Illegitimate Ability To Create Money

It may not look like it in the video, but when I heard a respected politician, Sven Giegold in the European Parliament say this, I almost fell over… We had a full discussion about banking reform and I brought up the question about banks ability to leverage their balance sheet (Eg. Create money out of…

Alternative Banking

Could A Non-Banking System Shake Up Banking

The way I see it, there are three ways to get Banking Reform to happen faster, before the inevitable crash:

1. Education (This is why I make banking reform an integral part of my training company, Benedix, that is the world largest training company for students seeking careers in banking). We need a next generation of Bankers aware of what they are doing.

2. Politics (This is why I support Positive Money) The change we need in Banking can only be done at the government level. They are the ones that need to decide who has the ability to create money.

3. Business (This is why I founded We need an alternative to Banking and I have been busy getting ready to launch a place where people can lend, loan, invest, raise funds and network bypassing the traditional banking system.

Having signed the contract with my publisher to write my latest book on the future of banking and the launch of my alternative non-bank ‘‘  around the corner, I have been on a bit of meeting frenzy.

So after all this talk about Facebook and Google becoming banks, I got inspired to call a meeting with Thomas Power himself and a team of experts…

Simon Dixon
Central Banking Conspiracy

Central Banking Conspiracy Or Funky Econometrics?

So if there is one thing that history has shown us, it is that central banks are unable to stabilize our economies.

I mean think about it…

If your sole job was to make sure that our economy is stable and you had been responsible for the amount of instability our economies have had since the birth of the Bank Of England in 1694 by private banker William Patterson, would you still have a job?

Is it because central bankers are stupid?

Simon Dixon