Simon Dixon Can Be Contacted For TV Interviews, Press Commentry & Live Speaking Engagements

When Sending A Request below, Please give full details as Simon Dixon gets many requests.Simon Speaking

Are you running an event and need somebody that will keep the audience alive Author of \\\’Bank To The Future\\\’, Simon Dixon is an award winning public speaker that is famous for his ability to hold an audiences attention and transform their thinking.

He also appears on many mainstream media shows, radio, documentaries and contributes to mainstream newspapers on topics related to CrowdFunding, Digital Currencies, Alternative Finance, Banking Reform & Entrepreneurship.

Simon Dixon\\\’ speaking fee will vary based upon the type of event you are running. You can watch these clips from a few of Simon\\\’s most popular keynotes and submit a request at the bottom of this page: Scroll To The Bottom Of This Page To Submit A Speaking Or Media Request

Simon Dixon on Alternative Finance

Simon Dixon on Banking Reform

Simon Dixon on the Economy

Simon Dixon on Digital Currencies

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Simon Dixon

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