Ask yourself the question – who regulates the regulators and how does the regulator afford those big tower building like the one in Canary Wharf? 

If HSBC commits crime and makes £50bn then the regulator fines them £30bn is the regulator incentivised to take away HSBC banking license? 

Or is HSBC incentivised to stop performing crime? 

If HSBC then threatens the government that if they don’t bail them out and pay the fine with tax payers money it will crash the economy into depression, is the government incentivised to stop the crime? 

Answering these questions helps you understand why each year the crimes get worse within banks.

If only the government knew they could remove banks ability to create money and turn them back into a normal company that has to behave like the rest of us.   Removing this power breaks removes the economies reliance on banks and the incentive structure for governments to ignore such behaviour is significantly decreased.


Simon Dixon

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