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I move to Hong Kong this year so I am no longer in the game, but let’s pretend I was still a UK voter…

Will I vote Labour, Lib Dem, or Conservative?

For those that care about my opinion, here is what I know.

All of them will issue more debt than they issued last year, all of them will bail out the banks next time they commit crime, all will blow another property bubble.

When you are voting, you are voting for who will drive your children into debt faster. Labor will spend your money and drive your children into debt faster, but attempt to redistribute more money from rich to poor, Conservative will spend it slower and drive your children into debt slower, but increase the rich poor divide.

To me there is only one vote – removes banks ability to create our money supply so we don’t need to drive our children into debt to have an economy. No party in the UK understands the issue enough to make the changes and there are only two MP’s in the UK that I have come across that understand the issue in a meaningful way – Steve Baker conservative MP and Michael Meacher Labour MP.

I gave a presentation with Vince Cable from Lib Dem on the subject and even though he has been the most vocal about the problems with banking, has a very good understanding of the importance of alternative finance, he still could not appreciate the fact that governments have given up their right to money creation income called Seignorage and instead have given up trillions of pounds to make banks ultra profitable at the expense of their countries citizens.

So I vote for my country called the internet.

I vote for the distribution of money creation profits called Crypto Currency.

I vote for transparent finance called the Blockchain.

Once the debt issues and money creation issues are sustainable then we can get to debating left v. right. Until then you will be disappointed with the results the side you vote for produces.

Steve Baker conservative MP

Michael Meacher Labour MP

Simon Dixon

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One thought on “Will I be voting @UKLabour or @Conservatives or @LibDems this year?

  1. Cameron

    Your line that starts with “When you are voting…” is the most eloquent summation of the erroneous marriage between the political system and the financial (money-god) cartel

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